These GIFs Show You What’s It Like To Be Color Blind

Color-blindness is just about literally impossible for someone who has never experienced it to imagine. There’s no doing descriptive justice to reds, blues, greens, yellows, or any other intermediate hue within their spectrum when addressing someone who has only ever experienced the world in shades of grey. It can’t be done.

Yet, that’s an ongoing fact of life for one in ever 12 men and 200 women around the world. Think about that. You probably encounter a dozen people every morning on your way into Starbucks. It’s entirely possible that one of them couldn’t describe the shade of orange that helps the pumpkin-spice latte signage catch everyone else’s eye.

Imagine filling Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to its 56,000-seat capacity with an entirely female crowd. Around 280 women may not be able to tell Dodger blue from the Cincinnati Reds. Fill the stands with men, and approximately 4,666 might have trouble distinguishing the home and visiting uniforms without seeing a logo or some eminently recognizable player’s name and number.

Surreal to imagine, isn’t it? That’s what makes these GIFs created by MVF Global so remarkable. These snippets of footage shot in and around a vibrantly colorful flower market simulate a number of types of color-blindness, from red, green and blue forms that make it impossible to distinguish certain hues without affecting the visibility of other colors to achromatopsia (monochromancy), the rare condition of being unable to detect any colors whatsoever.













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