If You Ever See Your Cat Doing This, They’re Trying To Tell You Something Very Important.

Cats can be pretty quiet, and they aren’t quite as expressive as dogs when it comes to letting their owners know how they feel about them. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, and this article totally proves that they do.

Cats have their own special ways to say “I love you”… and often in the strangest ways possible.

Shall we take a look at what our furry friends do to show us some love?

1. There are many theories about why cats knead their paws into you, but many researchers agree that they’re trying to return the affection that you’re showing them. They just don’t know that it actually hurts.


2. Sure, it’s kind of gross when cats bring dead animals into the house, but they do it because they consider you family – and they’re trying to teach you how to catch your own prey.


3. When cats rub their head against you, they’re marking you as one of their own with the concentrated scent glands in their cheeks and head. Congratulations, you’re family.


4. A cat’s unending stare can be a little bit disconcerting, but don’t fret. First of all, they’re not really staring. Their eyes are evolved to blink less frequently than ours. But more than that, a steady, soft gaze means that they feel safe and comfortable with you.


5. Like most creatures, cats don’t like to make themselves vulnerable. So if they roll over and present their belly to you, it’s a sign of unwavering trust.


6. Your cat’s tail is a strong indicator of their mood. The higher they carry it, the more content and happy they are. And if they’re feeling really affectionate, they’ll wrap it around you.


7. Cats nip and nibble at us all the time, but it’s far from an aggressive gesture. Cats do the same when they’re grooming their kittens, so it’s much more likely that they think of you with the same affection.


8. Much like with head-butting, cats will run between your legs to mark you with their scent.


9. If you can get your cat purring, it means that they’re very happy with you and with what you’re doing.


10. It may be annoying sometimes, but when your cat follows you absolutely everywhere from room to room, it’s just a sign that they like you and want to be where you are.


All images and info sourced from Boredom Therapy

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