Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years Later – Here’s A Good Explanation

There is one good explanation that can be trusted.


The Cuban coastguard just intercepted the SS Cotopaxi. The vessel was heading for Cuba and hasn’t been since since the 1920’s, when it disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.


The Bermuda Triangle is also known as “The Devil’s Playground.” That’s because thousands of ships and planes have gone missing after entering this zone. No one has ever figured out what causes the disappearances.


It seems this ship had been drifting for 90 years. No one was aboard. What happened to the people on board? Why did the ship survive and not the people? The Cuban government has announced they are going to do a full investigation.



It’s been decades and we still don’t know the real mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle. Over the period of years, we have lost so many ships and planes and lives and emotions that it’s not even funny! But finally, we have something that might just bring a little clarity over the entire Bermuda Triangle controversy. After finding a series of craters off the coast of Norway, scientists believe that we are very close to solving this mystery.

The area that we mentioned earlier is nowhere close to the Bermuda triangle. But scientists rationalize and offer an explanation on the basis of the width and depth of the craters which is completely justified.

The craters in the Barents Sea are 800m wide and 450m deep and are believed to have been created by the massive methane burps originating from the bottom of the ocean. Now the point is that these craters leak and come through the sea bed to reach the water above. This is where the mystery lies.

These explosions possibly cause the craters to open up and water to push out, thus causing the ships to sink, whereas planes lose their engines, perhaps also catch on fire as the methane is excited. This explains a lot of accidents that has occurred there in the past.

This is one good explanation that can be trusted. Scientists are looking for more though. Let’s wait and see.


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