30 Perfect Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

Nature and humankind are both talented artists. Sometimes to a take a truly amazing picture all you need is to wait for them to join forces, push the button on your camera, and voilà! Your creative masterpiece is ready. No digital editing, no tutorials — just luck, inspiration and attention to detail.

Seems too easy? We at Bright Side always back up our theories with facts, so here are 30 stunning photos that seem impossible but are actually 100% real.

He ate everything he could reach!

The beauty of albinos.

Smoke from flares released by a C-17 Globemaster III gets caught up by the aircraft’s wingtip vortices, creating a distinctive ’smoke angel’ shape

An angry peacock.

Shush! (Photographer: Erol Özer).

Photographer: Ronny Tertnes.

Lago Matese Caserta, Italy.

An Italian beach (Photographer: Bernhard Lang).

The wave (Photographer: Alexandra Mednaya).

Above water.

Shanghai Tower (Photographer: Vitaly Raskalov).

Seemingly headless king penguins on Atlantic island (Photographer: Paul Goldstein).

Rangsit University, Thailand.

Asian sunsets (Photographer: Weerapong Chaipuck).

A lizard sitting on a flower (Photographer: Jarek Klimek)

A road to nowhere, South Dakota (Photographer: Aaron J. Groen).

A bullfrog.

Photographer: Kutub Uddin.

Photographer: Peter Holme.

A salute during the national anthem before an NCAA college football game between Army and Stanford.

A tsunami illusion in Geneva, Switzerland (Photographer: Alex Teuscher).

China, Jiangyin, Jiangsu. Rows of identical houses with a playground seen in the middle.

Mirrored boat (Photographer: Matthew Vandeputte)

Photographer: Zack Seckler.

Photographer: Lisa Kristine.

A wooden sculpture by Bruno Torfs.

Celebration in North Korea.

Lake Sørvágsvatn hanging over the sea on the island of Vágar in the Faroe Islands, Denmark.

The world is full of priceless moments. Find the time to enjoy them!

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