15 Reasons That Dads Should Never Be Left Alone With The Kids

If you’ve got kids, you will know how protective mothers are over them. Back when my kids were small, I would never leave them with my husband. If I did, I’d write him a long list of how he should look after them. I don’t know why mothers just don’t trust men when it comes to looking after babies. I mean, that doesn’t seem right! Fathers can be just as good as mothers! Sometimes, though, they do make mistakes. Here are 15 examples of just that.

1. The dad that took this picture!

Sure, this picture did make me laugh, but that does not mean that it’s okay! Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit of a weird thing to do? I just can’t be!

2. The biker who dressed up his kid

Bikers seem to love nothing more than sharing their passion! In this case, one dad decided to make his son look like a little biker as well. The best bit of this has to be the beard! How creative.

3. He couldn’t find a hair bobble

If there’s one thing that you can say for dads, it’s that they are inventive. Here, one dad decided to make sure that he could tie up his daughter’s hair no matter what. Um… this is probably not what she wanted.

4. This cute baby!

We get it… babies are cute. Sometimes, when you’re giving your kid a bath, the bubbles are just too tempting. One dad decided to use them to make hair for his baby and even a beard too. This made me laugh so much!

5. Someone took dress-up too seriously!

When this kid had ‘dress up’ day at school, he never thought that his dad would go this far. This is actually insane. The dad went ahead and shaved the guy’s head so that he could look like this! Um, I hope the boy was okay with it.

6. This will spook you!

Via Bored Panda

While I know that it’s just an ordinary (sweet) baby under all that makeup, there’s something very spooky about this one. Only a father would think to dress his baby up like this! It must have taken ages. I wonder what mom said.

7. The laziest dad in the world

All kids love being pushed on the swings, but this dad doesn’t want to bother getting up out of his seat. That’s why he came up with this idea. He’s attached some string to the seat so that he can pull it back and fourth without ever getting up. Genius.


8. “Dad! Can we have a go now?”

Here’s one guy who’s got his kids well-trained. There they are, handing him everything he needs while he just sits there and plays games on the TV. Something does not seem all that fair about this one!

9. Mom said the kids should go to bed

I’m guessing that this is not exactly what she meant! After all, this hardly looks safe if you ask me. While it looks like the kids are having a ball, this is probably not the best way to keep them entertained.

10. OMG!

You will be seeing this picture in your nightmares tonight! I don’t know what inspired one dad to do this, but there is something oh-so-wrong about the whole thing.

11. Just… why?!

Via Bored Panda
This is one of the spookiest things I think I have seen all day long. I don’t know who would think to put a pancake on a baby’s face, but the results are actually terrifying!

12. Um… fail!

This is one of the biggest parenting fails ever. Sure, the guy has remembered to feed his kid, but that’s about as far as things go here. For some reason, he still thinks that gaming is the most important thing on his agenda. Nope.

13. These two look cute!

Is it just me or do these two look absolutely adorable? Still, I am pretty sure that you should not walk around with a baby zipped inside your coat. I mean, this cannot be safe when you think about it.

14. Well, hello there!

Here’s one baby that will always look surprised thanks to his dad’s makeup skills. We all know that statement brows are in, but I don’t think babies need to worry about that one, do you?!

15. The labelled baby

Finally, if you need to label your baby, you’re 100% doing something wrong. After all, tyou should know what it is by now!

Here are some funny babies:

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